Miffy– I contacted Christina based on a referral from a friend who had a wonderful little sleeper. My 1st child is a terrible sleeper and with my second baby I wanted to ensure we didn’t have years of sleep challenges again as they weren’t going to be sustainable a second time in our house. My first call to Christina was when was when my second son turned 3 months old…and I still call Christina, she has become part of our family. I consider her to be a parent coach. I wish I knew what I know today for my first little boy. We have an amazing routine for our baby, he is a very healthy and very happy little baby boy. Christina has since assisted me with my 4 year old son too. We have worked through a number of sleep challenges and have seen huge improvements based on her recommendations for his daily routine and development. Her approach was tailored to suit our family and our life.

I could not recommend Christina more. Christina uses her medical knowledge, yet her approach is easy and loving. Christina helps with the challenges around partnering and makes the journey so much more enjoyable. I was sleep deprived and became anxious before working with Christina. As soon as we started practicing her techniques our world changed and our family is much better for it. Christina is the best help you could receive for any baby, don’t wait until too late.



Emma-Christina was highly recommended by a friend of mine as I was at my wits end with the lack of sleep my daughter (5 months at the time) was having, so I thought “why not”. Vera had very little routine during the day and although slept well overnight, her day sleeps were non existent (which meant no break for mum)! 

Christina educated me about how long Vera should be awake for between naps, how many naps she required a day, knowing how to spot tired signs, how to put her down for naps and resettle and at what times of the day to feed, play and sleep. 

Life has been amazing since! I have more structure in my day and Vera is getting a lot more sleep than she used to. 

Please consider seeing Christina before doing any of the hospital sleep schools and I assure you, with some hard work of your own you can teach your baby better habits 🙂 

Thank you Christina for all your guidance, education and support 🙂 

The Palmeri Family. 


Shannon– When I called Christina my 10 month old was waking up to 10 times overnight and needing help to resettle. Only having two 40 minute naps during the day I knew Madeleine was overtired, but despite reading many sleep books I was struggling to make any changes. Within a week of Christina’s visit, Madeleine was having 2 longer day naps and sleeping through up to 13 hours overnight. She is well rested and much happier within herself, and after a week’s worth of decent night sleep myself I feel like a new woman!

Christina’s approach is professional, gentle and, unlike many of those sleep books, evidence base. She offered practical advice in terms of changes to Madeleine’s routine, and also emotional support for me as her exhausted mum. I felt comfortable with all of the changes that Christina suggested, and was amazed at how quickly Madeleine’s sleep improved.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Christina to anyone who is struggling with sleep issues or in need of a little extra parenting help or support.


Fiona- A friend recommended Christina to me, as I was struggling to get my baby to sleep better during the day, and as a result at night! I was totally confused by different routines in books, and found thestructure in them difficult to follow whilst keeping up with other unavoidable activities in life. Christina offers practical, personalised advice and really tailors her approach to suit individual needs. Being able to follow up with Christina over the phone has also been hugely helpful. I am now much more in tune with my baby’s sleep time needs (I actually know what she is trying to tell me!) and feel so much more confident and calm as a result.


Leah– When Christina arrived I was sure my baby’s sleep was a lost cause! We were in such a mess, I didn’t even know where to start. He had only ever had half hour catnaps during the day and by three months this had caused him to become an unsettled, overtired and hyper alert baby.

Things started to spiral out of control when his nighttime sleep (and mine!) started to suffer too. I had waited for things to get better as he got older, but instead it was worse. In the end, I was spending just as much time getting him to sleep for naps as he was actually sleeping. Not only was it exhausting and frustrating, but it was emotionally draining too. It felt like sleep time had become a mutual battle and I was sick of resorting to holding/carrying him for his naps – I needed a break!
I was worried that I only had two options – to let him cry (something I wasn’t willing to do) or to carry him and co sleep (not an ideal scenario for me either). After talking to Christina, it was clear her gentle approach to settling was a solution we would both be comfortable with. I was still skeptical that it would work, but hoped we would at least see some improvement.
I was surprised at how well he took to settling in the cot – he fussed around no more than he did when I was rocking to sleep, and if anything, the space it created for both of us made it much less stressful. Instead of feeling like we were fighting for sleep, we could work together. We saw immediate results in a reduction in night waking and naps increasing from half an hour to up to 2.5 hours! Every day something else improves … And we feel like we have a new baby!
I write this as he approaches the 2 hour mark of his nap – something I never thought possible (let alone within a week of Christina’s visit)! Inside every baby is a good sleeper, I just needed Christina to help me find it and I only wished I hadn’t waited so long.
Thanks so much!

 Andrea– We were having some major sleep issues with our 5 month old, Harper, with her waking every 40 minutes during the night and catnapping during the day. We were all exhausted and at our wits end! I had desperately researched and tried many things to help Harper sleep but with no success. Christina was amazing with Harper and I, showing me hands on techniques and strategies. Christina is very knowledgeable but more importantly so understanding and supportive. She left comprehensive step by step notes with me which were fantastic to refer to (especially important for my sleep deprived state!). That night for the first time in months, Harper only woke once over night! I am really happy that we are seeing results so soon and have a solid plan to help us to achieve better sleep for our family. Thanks so much Christina!


Anita-Our little girl was a horrible night time sleeper waking up every 1-2hrs. The only way to get her to sleep was by holding and rocking her in our arms.

The day after seeing Christina and putting all things into action she now self settles and sleeps for much longer periods during the day and night. I feel like a new woman. 😀

Thank you Christina for your help and fantastic support. Always answered my questions immediately which is what i really needed when i was stuck in the moment and didn’t know what to do next.
Highly recommend. 🙂


Jodi– I cannot thank Christina enough. These little cuties were totally ruling the house when it came to bed time. They had us figured out. 3-4 hour fights at bed time were the norm for us for so long.
It was causing a huge strain on my relationship with my partner and it was also making me depressed and so so so exhausted.
We got stuck in a vicious cycle of over tiredness and bad behaviour.
Christina came out and helped us out so much.
The twins now know what to expect when it comes to bedtime and are not upset and anxious.
We have a nice routine in place and bedtime is such a beautiful experience for everyone.

I just wish I had done it sooner.


Jessica– Our happy little Sienna is our no2 and it’s certainly proved to be a juggle now with two & keeping her on a good routine, when running around after a 2year old..

Our little miss was doing only a few short sleep cycles & waking simply exhausted during the day, yet I found it difficult to re-settle Her & effectively that interrupted her night sleep.. I was highly recommended to Christina & I jumped on the phone right away to book a time.. Not only was Christina so lovely & kind as we chatted over a coffee, she understood where I was at & SO supportive. We put together a plan fitting in around life with two children & offered some great hands on settling tools that Sienna responded to right away!! I now have Sienna self settling to sleep & sleeping good solid naps and her nights continue to improve.. Not to mention both kiddies having an afternoon nap at the same time.. I can put my feet up & eat something 😀
Thanks again Christina!
Jessica 💕



Karen– I really can’t thank Christina enough for the help she gave us with our daughter Scarlett. We have gone from Scarlett waking twice a night to sleeping thru from 7pm to 5.30am. It’s made a huge difference to the overall happiness of the whole family. The knowledge she shared with us gave us a better ability to understand our daughters behavior and she is happier for it. We too feel more in tuned with her and feel like better parents. She was all really bad at eating but with new routine she now has gotten so much better. Overall thoroughly recommend her to help your family !!


Sally– Christina’s gentle approach to parenting wasn’t the first factor that attracted me to her service (although it is a high priority of mine), but more importantly Christina’s work is evidence based. As a health professional myself this was an absolute must. When I called Christina, I explained that my son Harry (Then about 10 weeks old) was waking after 45 minutes into every sleep and I wasn’t able to get him back to sleep. I knew he was still exhausted, his little red eyes said it all. This resulted in an overtired baby, feeding 2 hourly around the clock and I was finding it difficult to get out and about. Christina came to our house, sat on the floor with me where Harry and I were playing, and we chatted for over an hour. Christina’s gentle approach to parenting involves a full history taking, and asking the parents ‘What are your goals?’ In my case I wanted to help Harry have longer day time sleeps and therefore be able to go out more with a happy, chatty well rested 

Now just a few short weeks since Christina’s visit, Harry is having 3 day time sleeps for two hours! Aaaaand almost like magic a baby who is well rested…. will crave his bed. Harry is only waking once overnight for a breastfeed and settles quickly back to sleep – this wasn’t even one of my goals, just a wonderful result. I can’t recommend Christina’s service highly enough, her expertise extends way past sleep issues and I encourage anybody needing help to find their ‘groove’ in this wonderful world of parenting to contact her. You will be amazed at the results. 

Thanks so much Christina, 

Harry and Sally



Nicola– We’ve had Christina come and help us twice – first with our two year old son who wouldn’t sleep at night without Daddy camping out on the floor and later with his six month old sister, Little Miss Cat napper.

Christina took the time to understand our family, our parenting style and routine. From there she put together a personalised plan and provided support while we put it into practice. I am pleased to report that my toddler now happily sleeps on his own and my little girl’s day sleeps are much better.

Christina’s advice is grounded in gentle parenting techniques. This is a big plus for me and is reassuring when you’re making changes in your little one’s routine. She also provides options for when things aren’t going well or get knocked off course because of illness, holidays or because it’s Tuesday!

If your little ones are exhausted and you need some help I highly recommend Christina. She’s warm, friendly and respectful. Since she helped our family we’re so much more relaxed about the whole sleep thing.